Ultima Forsan - Once Upon a Time in Lucca (PDF)



68 pages, color


An Ultima Forsan Plot Point Campaign, which will take you to the very heart of the Italian Signorie in the Macabre Renaissance.


The year is 1514, the place is Lucca, and the hook is the Fair of the Dead and the Universal Council, scheduled to occur in this amazing town in Tuscany, a few miles from Florence and Pisa.

The campaign is ideal for putting together a group of heroes of all backgrounds, introducing them to the great political events of the Macabre Renaissance, putting them in the middle of a terrible act of war, and having them save the world, at least for a while...

The heroes will roam Lucca, Pisa and the Wilderness of Tuscany, fighting an Army of Dead, facing threats and conspiracies that might destroy Lucca and eliminate with one attack the rulers of the world, gathered together for the Universal Council.

It is a series of 7 connected Episodes, with some possible variations as some adventures can be played in any order without changing the plot.


Connections with the Setting Book and the Campaign ‘The Secret of Marco Polo’

If you were wondering why there is a map of Lucca in the Setting Book and what the Universal Council mentioned in the chronology is, all will be explained in this campaign. The city of Lucca and the Council are two important elements of the setting, as will be seen below.

On the other hand, the events of the mini-campaign The Secret of Marco Polo are completely unrelated to those of this campaign and can take place at any time before or after it. If you want to use your characters from the previous adventure, take care to find a coherent hook and check the Rank of the Heroes.


Connections with Death and the Machine and The Monk

The events of the two free adventures already released are great to introduce this campaign (you can find Death and the Machine in the free sample Ultima Forsan - A Taste of the Macabre).

Heroes and players who have played through these two scenarios may already be in Lucca at the start of the events of the campaign and may continue their business with Episode 1, without interruption. They will also have their little party and some extra resource, which never hurts.

Ultima Forsan - Once Upon a Time in Lucca (PDF)