Once upon a time a great Kingdom ruled over the world, enlightening and protecting its people. Its King, Arthur David, sat on the throne, and 100 Great Knights honored him. The Knights of the Kingdom protected the Foundations of the Universe, which gave Order to the world, but they committed the mistake of trading magic for technology… The Blood King, Mordred, brought about nuclear, chemical, and bacteriological wars, distracting the people from technology, which, without proper care, started to malfunction and become corrupted. The Order failed, and now it’s not even certain that the Sun follows its daily cycle. All of this happened in a time, which feels like a few years ago to some, and millennia for others. Cydonia, the last vestige of the past Kingdom, still tries to resist. The Celestial Virgin sits rightfully on the throne of her forefathers, and the last Knights still bend the knee in front of her, offering their weapons out of respect. The swords were re-forged following the teachings of the ancient technology and they became GUNS, 7 shot revolvers, able to release the spiritual energy of their rightful owners. The Knights took the name Gunslingers. The World of today is similar to the Western movies of old, sparsely inhabited and dangerous, full of human and animal mutants, with great wastelands and the grotesque ruins of the once proud cities of ancient times. Demons, robots, and men serve the Blood King and his wizard, the Man in Black. There are no communities beyond the cities. Resources are scarce, and the old technology of the Ancient Ones is available mostly in perverted forms, jury-rigged or damaged, endangering the life of the last survivors rather than making it any easier. Sometimes magic appears, arcane and wild, releasing all its devastating power. Some of the 42 Gunslingers still alive gather in Companies to follow Quests, hoping to restore the old Kingdom. They’re always on the brink of failure, driven by individualistic, centrifugal forces, and seduced by forbidden loves, personal glory, or the temptation of betrayal.

42 GUNS is a game for 3-5 players. It is based on the Quest tales from Arthurian legends, a spaghetti western feel, and notable features taken from science-fiction and horror. One player is the GM. The other players follow the rules to create their Characters, some of the last Gunslingers defending Cydonia, and they choose together a Quest to face.


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