Darren joins Ultima Forsan team!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 21:30

GGstudio is proud to announce that one more author will join Ultima Forsan crew.

When Gio asked me to join them and work on Ultima Forsan, I couldn't say no. I'm a big fan of these kinds of settings, and what I've read about Ultima Forsan so far is extremely exciting -- I'm looking forward to being able to add to the already great lore of this setting, and write some great stories to bring the world closer to the player. ”, says Darren.

By the end of the year we will see three novels written by Darren Pearce.  We will live amazing adventures, unreveiling the misteries of Macabre England,Scotland and Ireland.

While Darren doesn't need any introduction, here's the profile:

Darren W. Pearce was born in 1969 and was very quickly immersed in fantasy and science fiction by his parents. He lives in the United Kingdom with his wife Gillian Pearce and their 6 cats. Darren has worked professionally in the Roleplaying Game Industry since 2000 and has done work for an online video game review/news website Games Xtreme since 2001. Darren has worked on Knights of Honor, Breed and the game Savage.
Darren has worked on such properties as Lone Wolf with Joe Dever, Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space through Cubicle 7 and numerous Mongoose Publishing products recently via the Legend RPG system. Darren is also an Award Winning anthology author having been involved in the 2011 Epic E-Book award winning Bad-A$$ Faeries 3 anthology for Best Anthology. In 2013 Darren's work on the Doctor Who core box 11 won him a Gold Ennie.
Darren works extensively with Savage Mojo and is one of the Mojo Family members responsible for the Set Rising Suzerain setting as well as extensive work with Aaron Acevedo and John Wick on Dungeonlands. Darren is also the lead writer on the Shaintar setting created by Sean Patrick Fannon. Darren has also written short stories galore and has numerous works published both in print and e-book formats, he's working on a sequel to Fate's Hand as well as Spinward Assassin and has other works in editing.
Darren writes news articles and reviews for the website Games Xtreme.
You can find Darren's work with Neal Levin in such anthologies as:
Vampire Dreamspell
Cats In a Dreamspell
New Blood
Barbarians At The Jumpgate
Mind or Metal Fantasy Anthology
Dream's & Screams
Bloody Carnival
Bad-A$$ Faeries 3
In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk
The Awakened
(And many more)
Darren is also a member of the collective group of writers known as the Monumental Works Group.
Darren is the lead project designer for the Dragon Kings 13th Age supplement which is the spiritual successor to Dark Sun.