Shidee is a narrative role-playing game for two players. You will be inventing, sharing and telling a story: it’s something like telling the plot of a book to a friend, or to fantasizing about an alternate ending to a famous movie. You don’t need to be a proficient actor, but immersion and creativity are key to imagining and sharing what the Characters might do, feel, think or want.
The flow of your narration will be guided by some resolution mechanisms, that may point the story in a certain direction through a roll of the dice.

To describe what is Shidee, there's no better person than Fabrizio:

Who am I and why does this game exist? “We are storytelling creatures, and as children we acquire language to tell those stories that we have inside us.”  Jerome Bruner
Shidee exists to provide a light, spontaneous and immediate role-playing experience; an experience that can also be intimate, creative, and meaningful to those who want to take part in it.
I like the idea of being able to engage in a two-voice narration between friends, parents and children, partners, educators, and students.
I like the idea of doing it without a lot of preparation, and freely enough to allow your inner imagery to bleed into your narration without you even noticing.
I love dice. I like rolling them and passing them around.
I like all those words we can use to describe what our eyes see, what our hands do and what our hearts feel.
I like stories about friendship and journeys, both physical and metaphorical.
I tried cramming all these ingredients into this game.
Shidee means “Older Sister” in Apache. I chose to place at the heart of this game the relationship between the two archetypes that dwell inside us: the child and the animal.
This game has the ambition of becoming a tiny shard of freedom and creativity in the cracks of our frantic everyday life. No preparation is needed; you don’t need to be an RPG savant, and you don’t need an entire, uninterrupted afternoon to play.
I imagined and created this game so you can put it in your backpack and pull it out when the moment comes. Ready for use. The rules can be read and learned in around 10 minutes, so you can immediately delve into the storytelling.
Shidee is meant to add to the small group of Meet - Plug - & Roleplay experiences.
Far from any claim of innovation, my desire is to draw more and more people to role-playing games and shared storytelling, including those who never got around to playing because of thick rulebooks, closed cultures and toxic stereotypes.
In the end, it all comes down to playing out a story. Whether you interpret it as if it was a screenplay or you do it as a child plays pretend, it doesn’t matter; it’s still a creative experience and, above all, an original and unique way to meet people.
My name is Fabrizio Botto, and I’m an educator and a psychologist