Ultima Forsan

Ultima Forsan updated to SWADE!

Ultima Forsan updated to SWADE!

Ultima Forsan was written for Savage Worlds Deluxe, but it’s easy to update for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Most of the rules can be used as-is. Those that require a little work are detailed below. Where core rules differ, the Game Master can use whichever version she prefers. Both versions will work just fine in your game, though those presented in SWADE are a bit more structured and streamlined.



Ultima Forsan goes to GenCon!


We are very happy to announce Ultima Forsan is going to be presented at the next GenCon, in a new Hardcover Edition!

It will be available at the Studio2 booth, and we will be there to assist you with any question or curiosity you might have, or just for a friendly chat. We are eager to attend at the Con and meet a lot of new friends.

After the Con the book will be distributed by Studio2, so it will eventually reach you local brick&mortar store. It will be a 6x9 hardcover book, a very popular size among savages.


Darren joins Ultima Forsan team!

Darren W Pearce

GGstudio is proud to announce that one more author will join Ultima Forsan crew.

When Gio asked me to join them and work on Ultima Forsan, I couldn't say no. I'm a big fan of these kinds of settings, and what I've read about Ultima Forsan so far is extremely exciting -- I'm looking forward to being able to add to the already great lore of this setting, and write some great stories to bring the world closer to the player. ”, says Darren.



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